Rwanda ICT Chamber is an arm of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda. Established in 2011, the ICT Chamber is the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network, grow, and expand their operations. At ICT Chamber, we help our members to work with the right associations, companies, and individuals to ensure that they get the needed skills, opportunities, and tools to grow.

Our Mission

To make Rwanda the leading ICT-Driven Society.

Our Vision

To be the leader in influencing the transformation of the economy and the culture through ICT.

Our Objectives

  • Creating career paths through skills development, especially among the youth,
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship and competitiveness
  • Driving and protecting investments and innovation
  • Promoting export of ICT products and services
  • Becoming the arbitrator of the ICT sector

Our Strategic Pillars

  1. To create tew technology companies
  2. To grow existing local technology companies
  3. To increase ICT adoption in non-tech businesses
  4. To expand technology exports
  5. To attract foreign portfolio & direct investment