• Join the ICT Chamber and be a member of the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network and meet key players in the Rwandan ICT sector.
  • At ICT Chamber, We help our members to work with the right associations, companies and individuals and ensure that they get the needed skills, opportunities and tools to grow.
  • The ICT Chamber has now a new associative composition that will make it more relevant for you to be fully part of the Chamber while offering more customized services to each category at different levels.

http://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/ENSEN/author/admin Membership Level

  • Kiffa Ignition: members on this level are still developing their business ideas
  • Bad Laasphe Accelerator: members on this level are mainly startups
  • Auerbach TakeOff : these are SMEs
  • Cruise: Corporates